"Marketing, Music,The Streets"

The Right People

 Our teams consist of friendly, attractive, outgoing individuals who can easily be dressed and trained in our clients' brands. We conduct thorough training sessions to ensure that they are well-versed in key messaging and able to answer questions about the product or service they are promoting.

The Right Places

 We work with our clients to identify locations in each market where we can best reach their target demo. By providing both primary and alternate points of distribution, we ensure our programs run smoothly and effectively, while still offering the flexibility to accommodate client needs as they arise "on the ground." 

The Right Program

 A truly great program will stop consumers in their tracks and offer them more than a piece of custom collateral. Our in-house resources provide an array of options to enhance any program, including graphic design, video and wrapped vehicles. Additionally, we provide recap reports at the conclusion of each program. They include a multitude of photos, as well as documentation on everything from the weather, to consumer quotes, to the total number of pieces distributed during the campaign.

Our Mission

Record Labels & Recording Artists, we want to help you promote your business. With your company as our main focus we will show you how to maximize your exposure through our  Business Relationships, Promotional Network, Sales and Distribution Channels. Learn more.....

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