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To be clear: submitting your music to PCMUSICENT includes granting us broadcasting and podcasting rights of your submitted song(s) for free, waiving present and future rights to the collection of either broadcast or mechanical royalties. Basically, this means you’re giving us the music for free, and understand that there is no promise of payment from us.

However, we strive to repay you in other ways including promotion, airplay, backlinks and more. Every week PCMUSICENT awards artists with more plays based on how well their music is received by listeners. Artists that are in-demand also get an opportunity for sync licensing and label submissions.

We aim to provide our listeners with the best possible music radio shows, promote your music, band, and brand, and will endeavor to help compensate you by paying publishing (through our stream licensing), adding backlinks to your website, purchasing links, and Banner Ads (these will be expanded in the future.)

Read the Terms of Submission below and use the attached form to submit your tracks.

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