Master P, Lil Wayne and Money Mafia team up on a historical moment with a Monster Club Banger, Fans are excited all across the world. The New Orleans Natives take it back to the swamp. No Limit and Young Money together on a track is HISTORY. This is the Most anticipated collaboration of the year, the ICE CREAM man is back it at it. This single “Power” is from the Money Mafia Album- ” We All We Got”
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Music Produced by BlaqnMild

All I want is power, get this get this money by the hour man,
the power the power the power, all I want is the power
this power, all I want is power, money bring me the power.


All I want is power, money and the power,
Money Mafia middle finger to you cowards,
her pussy got power that’s a different kind of power,
nigga work his ass off to get a million fuckin dollars (2X)


Aint no body gave me naythin, I started with a dream
nigga call me Benson, the way I put together this team
we all came from the struggle, but I came from the cream
they say the cream rise to the top, motherfucker what you mean
I took my daddy out the brick, bought my grandma that new house
every body that I left nigga they didn’t want out
so I did it on my own I don’t owe no body shit
im a hood nigga but im muthafuckin rich
and Im ridin around in that Rolls Royce cuz I made it
and this family shit done got crazy
for a million dollars your friends will change
you might lose your fuckin old lady
and it aint no limt to us gettin paper
nigga work hard middle finger to you haters y’all cant stop us



Yeah , tunchi, yeah , yeah , mullah baby, ugh
I got all this power, I got all this powder,
plus I got all these downers, I got heavy fire power
I put the pow in power, split your avocado
hair trigger Pollomalo,
im the first to find out the last to know
im the shit on the bathroom floor
used to sell fake crack for soap
they don’t make soap like that no more
you live by the gavel or by the gun, find out you tattle,
we chop your tongue and mail that bitch to yo mama house,
with a note sayin we got your son,
I’m a beast in these streets nigga say that then, I just did
well say that again, I’m a beast in these streets
nigga gloc 40 on fleek nigga blood gang bitch
respect the powers that be niggga ahhhhhhh



Listen!!! I got street money I drive fast cars,
my 71 cutlass look like a Nascar
I got army guns I tote pocket monsters I run the hood
cause I control the yungsters.


Boy I chase paper not pussy I been gettin it in
you cant over look me
I’m mobbed up the whole squad tough No limit money mafia
we get it, we get it
these niggas is hattin we jump in the ghost be gone
nigga we on, play games and its on one call and u gone


Promo & Artwork By
No Limit’s @Hitmayne4Hire

Courtesy of : NO LIMIT FOREVER 2015