Light Up Shoes

Do you remember those times when the persons who wear shoes that light up were considered big celebrities among their group? Well, you can forget about the reminiscing part and start joining this very trend that’s coming right back. Yes, you’re reading it right, light up shoes are really back.

From regular street wear-clad johns to celebrity gals, these shoes are undeniably big. Julianne Moore was seen wearing a black and sexy light up stilettos in a recent event. As for sneakers, there are tons of designs and colors you can choose from – some even come with lights in different hues for that unique and trendy look.

The prices of the light up shoes vary greatly, but it can go as low as $95 at to as high as $491.12 at Either way, these funky new shoes are accessible to fashion-forward street individuals like you are.

So grab a pair and light up the path. Get your feet into the groove and get ready to make a brilliant fashion statement among your peers.