Grimes Says Upcoming Album Will Feature ‘Diss Tracks’

Grimes‘ long awaited follow-up LP to her massively popular 2012 release Visions is finally on its way, and it looks like she’s traded in her sadder sound for anger, channeling that feeling into a whole bunch of diss tracks set to be on her upcoming album.
According to an interview with Fader, Grimes revealed that her next album will see a tonal shift from her last. She said, “They’re not all diss tracks, but there’s a lot of diss tracks. I think all my other albums were, like, sad. And this time it’s more happy and angry. I live in my own house that I pay for. I bought all this equipment myself. I control my own life now. No one has any say over what I do or where I go or when I do it.”
She said one track in particular is about male producers and specifically “about a guy who acts like he knows everything and then comes back crawling on his knees, which has happened to me so many times.”
The album is reportedly due out in October, though an official release date has yet to be announced. Hopefully more specifics will emerge at some point in the near future, though Grimes did say she hopes to release the album as a “surprise” in October. This announcement would actually lessen its shock factor, but perhaps that’s just deflection on her part.