For folks who live in Seattle, Washington, Inc. is now available to help get alcohol down your throat. Amazon Prime members in the Seattle area will find three new delicious categories of products in the Prime Now app: Cold Beer, Wine, and Spirits. Pick your poison. Prime Now is the app that makes a limited selection of Amazon products available with free 2 hour delivery, or you can have it on your doorstep in an hour, if you’re willing to pay the $7.99 expedite fee. That means if you live in the Emerald City, and your mouth feels parched, you can pick up your smartphone, tap it a few times, and within an hour, you’ll be getting your buzz on. We truly are living in the future. Amazon Alcohol delivery is only available in Seattle and London at the moment, but if it’s deemed successful, Amazon could roll it out to other Prime Now cities, which include Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, New York and Miami.